Makeup – not empty vanity

Which woman is not familiar with the term Makeup? Some might consider Makeup only for models or people who are professionals and working. But Makeup is not just empty vanity; it is more about finding oneself, about comfort or about feeling good about oneself. Is there any harm in wanting to look good or wanting to feel younger?

Love Hate Relationship

Makeup and women have a complicated relationship. Some women revel in it, run from Sephora to Mac and try out every latest trend, delight in the touch of a brush and amaze at their transformation. While there might be some who try and keep it simple; they would rather stick to just the basics or might just forget it. There might be an unlucky few who just abhor it, simply because they could be allergic or do not like the unnatural feel to it. Whether we love it or hate it, women have used makeup in different ways and forms for a very long time.



Makeup has seen some very strange and weird times. During the sixth century fashionable women used to make their faces paler by bleeding themselves with the help of leeches. While in the Italian Renaissance women used to coat their faces with chemicals which were actually toxic like lead or mercury. Even in the 19th century, tuberculosis was supposedly called the romantic disease. Women during that time emphasized rather than conceal the circles under their eyes and used rouge to give the image of a flush from fever. Why, even 50,000 years back, there is evidence that the Neanderthals might have used body paint as makeup.


Now, the question arises, why do we use makeup? Anyone who has ever used blush can tell us that it makes them look prettier. It is used because it exaggerates or fabricates our beauty, makes us look more appealing. Quite frankly, it is probably the only lie that works and is really good, well, at least for women.


These days, most of the top brands and retailers are also turning towards online sales. Women, in the convenience of their homes can see the options out there, see what they want and make an informed choice. Now, there are some lovely online sites out there who give out free makeup samples. Any woman reading this article is sure to have her radar lighted up. Her question might just be – how to get free makeup? Well, there are some sites where we need to sign up and take part in some surveys or offers. These are usually from the advertisers on the site or from the sponsors. They in return give us points. We just need to accumulate them and lo and behold we score some lovely free stuff.

Of course, having said this, we also need to be careful. There are a couple of untrustworthy sites too. We ladies need to keep our radars on high alert and make sure we don’t get carried away by some unreliable source.


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